Hebron Story

Hebron is the second oldest city in the work, the city of Abraham, has a great importance in Islam, as the prophet Ibrahim lived in it and choose the location, were the Ibrahimi Mosque is, as the burial place for his wife Sarah then it become the burial place for his family.

 Visit Hebron - Palestine

Visit Hebron – Palestine is an initiative by Palestinian youth established in 2005 to promote the city of Hebron as a Tourism destination and to establish tours in the city of Hebron. Our Social media accounts at Facebook, twitter and others are considered as the largest source of information (online archive) for the city of Hebron.

Visit Hebron - Palestine

Hebron is the largest city in Palestine in both area and population and considered its commercial center. It is located in a distance of 30 Km to the South of Jerusalem, the capital of Palestine. The Visitor to Hebron can see:

  • Ibraham Mosque (Abraham Mosque )

  • Hebron Old city (Has different era’s of architecture)

  • Hebron Old Market (Souk)

  • Old city of Hebron Museum (Turkish Bath)

  • Hebron Glass and Ceramics Factories (Handicraft)

  • Women Handmade embroidery Market

  • Russian Orthodox Church (optional)

  • Abraham Oak (the oldest tree in the world) Optional

  • Visit to Palestinian families

  • Settlements and Checkpoints

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