Where to go in Hebron


Hebron is well known for its grape vineyards, pottery, glassware, ceramics, leatherworks, and other handmade arts. Lively, colorful, and creative are the most common words used by tourists to describe this city. There are various attractions in Hebron:

The Charming Ibrahimi Mosque in Hebron, is the second holiest site for Muslims in Palestine.  Located southeast of the new city, in the past it was the center of the city, surrounded by its famous neighborhoods. The Prophet Abraham lived in the city 4000 years ago. When his wife Sarah died, he bought the cave under the current building of the mosque and buried her there, where he was thereafter buried alongside her when he died. Isaac, Jacob and their wives would go on to be buried there also, and a shrine for Joseph was made as well. The building is a formidable rectangular building, giving the appearance of a fortress. The construction of the walls and pavement is the work of King Herod in 37 BC. 

Mamre Haram Al-Rameh; located 3 km north of Hebron. After departing from his nephew, Lot, Abraham came to Mamre, where he pitched his tent. Here, Abraham received the three angels who announced to him that his wife Sara would have a son. Abraham went to rescue Lot from Mamre, and there, he pleaded on behalf of Sodom and Gomorrah. Excavations at the site have found remains of different Herodion, Byzantine, and Muslim buildings.

Oak of Abraham – Russian Orthodox Church(Holy Trinity Monastery); An oak tree 2 km west of Hebron, it is one of the oldest trees mentioned in history. It marks the legendary site where Abraham pitched his tent. The Russian Orthodox Church was built in the beginning of the 20th century in the shape of a cross with a size of 600 square meters.

Old Market; The souq (market)  is one of the oldest areas in Palestine known for its historical arched roofs. The shops sell everything from ceramics, pottery, embroidery, postcards, olivewood and glass, to fresh and dried fruits. The famous Palestinian kuffyeh is also sold there, made locally by Palestinians.

There are much more to see in Hebron, from the Hebron Old City Turkish Baths, to the beautiful glass blowing and handmade ceramic factories. If you get to enjoy extended time in Hebron, don’t miss visiting  a lot of famous attractions, such as the baptism spring near Taffuh, Yaqen Shrine near Bani Naem, Khirbet Alkarmel near Yatta, Khirbet AlMoraq near Dura, Alqanoub Nature reserve, Hebron Museum, Dura Museum, the moral made by Visit Hebron next to the new Tourist bus station and much more.


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