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Ibrahimi Mosque in Hebron

Al-Haram al-Ibrahimi, It is located in the heart of the old town of Hebron and considered the fourth holiest site in Islam and the second holiest site in Palestine. Al-Ibrahimi Mosque was built within an enclosure originally constructed by Herod the Great during the early Roman period. Historical evidence suggests that the Prophet Ibrahim/Abraham resided in Hebron approximately four thousand years ago. He chose Hebron as a burial place for his wife Sarah, and later for himself, his son Isaac, his grandson Jacob and their wives. According to some sources, it also houses the tomb of Josef


Welcome to Hebron, a city located in the south of the West bank, the most populated city in Palestine and the largest in area as well.

Oldest Palestinian Archive

Oldest Palestinian Archive

Visit Hebron - Palestine

Visit Hebron, Palestine

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Visit Hebron - Palestine, Is An Initiative Started By A Group Of Palestinian Youth Who Dedicated Their Time And Efforts To Organize Guided Tours For Local And International Groups In The City Of Hebron. The Tours Is Organized By Licensed Professional Tour Guides In Different Languages Who Have The Full Capacity And Knowledge To Provide Historical, Social, Geographic And The Needed Information About The History Of The City Of Hebron Which Is One Of The Oldest Cities In The World. Visit Hebron Is A Palestinian Archive Of Old, New And Special Photos Of Hebron Governorate.

Visit Hebron - Palestine

Visit Hebron, is a group dedicated to organize tours for local and international groups in the city of Hebron. which include organizing tours in the old city, visiting holy sites, markets, visiting the Russia Church in Hebron, Abraham Oak and shopping tour. We also have our publications of Postcards, city map, posters and other souvenirs Contact us Hebron, one of the world's continiously inhabited cities with a history spanning over more than six millennia, Hebron has seen is share of great events and various civilizations that left it with a tremendous cultural and human heritage, read more in the website.

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.Visit Hebron - Palestine is a Palestinian initiative to promote Hebron as a touristic destination

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